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Out of The Woods

I haven’t written in a long while and then suddenly I thought of you. And once again, I started to grab my pen and scribble down the words “You’ve still got a big space in my heart but not in my life anymore.”

Once again, I am writing about you. But this time, I am writing about you in a different shade—without anguish and resentment. I am writing about you with a deep joy in my heart because I have come across to my great love—you. You were the great love that I had. You opened up a brand new whole world for me though it was filled with thorns and monsters, just taking the journey with you made all the wounds and scratches worth it. Yes, you were the caused of my pain but there was no denying that you were my little paradise, ironically, my sanctuary, my safe haven. The fact that you didn’t let go of my hand when I wanted to let go of yours and how much you took care of me during my tribulation make me want to run to you and tell you much I’m still loving you.

Last night, I had dreamed of you. I felt an immense joy  when you finally stood up for me against the people who caused me pain. You held my hand and hugged me tight and told me all the words I wanted to hear. I was happy to the point that I could feel myself smiling to sleep. Then I woke up sad, I looked at the time it was only 2:35am. I went back to sleep hoping I could still dream of you. It’s melancholic because the only time I could get to see you is when all are fast asleep in the middle of the night when the only thing that you could hear is the tick tock of the clock and the sound of the crickets. You seemed very far away now and all are part of the distant past that I would never be tired of returning back.

I am  no longer bitter. Remembering something great is never a sign of bitterness. Things got messy between the two of us. I am done crying myself at night and wishing things to go back the way they used to be. I can now remember you without pain in my heart. I’m remembering you with a great joy in my heart. What we had was wonderful devoid the excruciating pain you made me feel. What I felt and what I showed you were the raw me. You’ve seen my nakedness, not just a kind of body boldness but how I didn’t hide all my flaws and shortcomings, the scars, the moles everything and I will always remember how you cherish every bits of me just like how I cherished yours. I just knew that in the period of our togetherness, what we had was genuine and nobody could erase the fact that once—we loved and cherished each other; that once we had dreamed our future together.

But along the way, we’ve found out that our destination is different. I’ve got to take a different path to yours so I left. I can’t still figure out what kind of journey is I am heading of, maybe journey to maturity and acceptance. To be able to accept the fact that not all the people I love are bound to stay. Nevertheless, I’ve overcome the monsters on the way, yes, without you, and yes I am well. This journey without you isn’t easy. My heart is still longing for you every now and then but I know, I already accepted that all we had was now part of a bittersweet memory of the past.

I look back only to see the dust of the past dancing with the wind, it leaves a curve on my lips and murmur the words “thank you”. You are my one great love. No one could take that away from me. As I continue this journey alone, I just know that walking away from you is another step closer to my greatest love.

I am not sure if we would still see each other again in the future. But I am hoping that one day, we’ll meet again on the street and maybe my heart will still skip a beat upon seeing your face as you illuminate the ray of the sunset at 5 pm and you’d invite me to the coffee shop where we had our first date.Maybe, just maybe, we could talk about the past, and we could joke around how we hurt each other without any pain and remorse in our hearts. And how unfair it was that you were the missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle and why I was not yours.

Wherever life takes you, I wish you nothing but pure bliss and happiness.

Love always,


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A Letter to My Next Love


I don’t know you and you probably don’t know me yet or perhaps, you are just there sitting right under my nose. But I’m writing this letter for you anyway… because, I am that romantic?

First of all, I want you to know that I am a dangerous woman. I am warning you first thing, I want you to be aware what kind of trouble you will enter in. I am a monster. I am not a typical woman you have messed around with. I always put my claws up. Ready to devour you whole. I’ll gnaw you as if you are a peace of meat. I’ll drown you in my deepest thoughts. And I’ll kill you in all passionate ways I know.

After you read this you either 1. Back out because you are not the one and I’m not the one for you. 2. You accept the whole me and embrace my monstrous side because we are both monsters.

I have been thinking about you lately. It’s not because I’m alone or lonely. I’ve been alone for some time now, but that’s not the reason why.. I think, I’m ready for you. No, I am really ready for you. How are you doing these days? I hope you enjoy doing many things alone. I hope you are already tired of playing games and messing around. And above all, I hope you are ready for me too.

You are definitely not my first love, I’ve fallen in love thrice and have given some pieces of me from the wrong people who arrived and it took me a long time before I regained the pieces I’ve given away. I’m not broken nor half neither. I am definitely whole. I don’t need any saving. I don’t need a prince charming riding on his white horse who will sweep me off my feet. I don’t need such things to fill my fantasy. What I need is a man, not a boy, not a guy, and absolutely not a prince charming. I need a warrior, just like me, so we could conquer the demons within us.

I don’t get lonely these days anymore knowing the fact that I will meet you too soon. I will meet the man who is prefect for his imperfections; the man who will lighten my dim lit world; the man who I have been waiting and praying for. You know, I thought I’ve seen you with the previous loves I’ve had. I’ve mistaken several people as you but in the end, they appeared to be my navigators for they’re the ones who reveal the way to you and I couldn’t thank them enough because losing them and walking away from them is a few more steps closer to you. The mere thoughts of you give me warmth in the cold summer nights. That is why, I’m keeping myself unavailable. I won’t settle from anything less. I won’t mistake loneliness or infatuation as love anymore. I keep this wide space in my heart for you. I’ve cleaned up the mess of the previous chaos that had been living in it for some time. And you are very much welcome to enter and stay as you like. Feel free to stay permanently.

I remember a conversation with a friend on which I find surreal, how can someone turn into someone very special; like from someone to a person you don’t want to live without. I would say, can’t live without but that sounds cliche and unrealistic because we could live without each other, we have lived without each other for a long time so I’d say I don’t want to live without you anymore. From someone to a person you don’t want to live without. So I’ve written a poem for you..

You are that someone who has the most beautiful eyes;

Those eyes that glimmer like a thousand stars when you smile;

Your smile is like a beacon flickering in a dark dark night beckoning me to come home ;

The dark night that I thought was seemingly no end suddenly  glistens;

illuminating the pathway towards you

For you are the candle light that will never melt

The flashlight that do not run out of battery;

For you, yourself is the light;

Your voice sounds melody in the ears

that could only calm the demons inside me;

Your touch brings me shiver down the spine;

the sweet sweet sensation of your kisses causing the butterflies in my stomach to uproar;

For you are that someone who gives me a very reason to stay sane

I just know, it’s you

When the right time comes

Everything around us will be slow mo

As we are turning our faces on each other

As you extend your arms to mine.

I just know, I’m home.

After a long journey. We are home.

And you, my love, is worth all the wait.

I’ll be seeing you soon.

Dear next love,

I am hoping that you are my last.

And I hope you are okay with that.

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Dear Woman: Don’t Stay In a Wrong Toxic Relationship All Because You Love Him

“A man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the
woman he loves”
Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

I am not a love expert nor have had a perfect relationship neither. I have misread the signs when I needed to jump the ship. But after contemplating and meditating things, I have realized I don’t want to settle with a man who always mistreated me. I won’t stay with a toxic relationship when I’m supposed to be dancing out there, enjoying the things I deserve. I won’t be entice with a man’s sweet words, fall in love, and then drop me off when I’m high on him. I won’t be a martyr anymore all because I love him.

Maybe, I’ve been watching too many movies, and been reading too many Nicholas Sparks’ books. They say, “You can’t find a guy like that. They only exist in movies and books!” Yes, they might be too good to be true, but I believe that if a man loves you, he would do anything, literally and figuratively anything to keep you. But if a man is not that into you, believe me, one day, he’ll drop you without saying a thing. You are left with broken heart and broken bones, but I’ll tell you, that would be the best thing that will have ever happened to you.

I have several friends who are slaves of love. I mean, I have been there, I was once of them but I know when and how to stop. I’m not saying that you should be like me, I’m saying you shouldn’t ignore the red flags, if he’s treating you like a shit, you are probably a shit on him. Do not fight for a spot on his life  because if he loves you, he will put you there with no ifs and buts and be his top priority. Too many girls are confused with love and ownership. You think he loves you when he’s being possessive, maybe, yes, a man who loves you will guard you and make a territory out of you, but watch out. If a man is always jealous, to the point the he’s preventing you to see your friends while he can do anything and everything he wants. Congratulation, you’ve just got an asshole who will eventually ruin your life! And all the same, if you are angry all the time when he’s talking with his friends or girl friends, and you are tempted to lurk on his phone or social medias, ask yourself this question, is this still healthy? No, right? Jealousy and possessiveness are normal but as they said, all too much is dangerous. There’s love, definitely a huge love, but no trust. A relationship without trust only cause you with deep anxiety and stress. Let it go.

Girl, wake up! You know very well that he’s not the right one for you and yet you choose to stay and keep him around you, well, maybe, you are so comfortable to be with him but no woman should be comfortable with being mistreated. You know how to live your life and you know that you are better off without him but you just don’t want to because you are afraid of changes. You are a beautiful, smart ass woman, who doesn’t deserve to be treated like a doormat. Why would you even settle with a life like that when you are supposed to enjoy the things that life has offered. Stop begging for his time, love, and affection. If he doesn’t respect you as a woman and always ignores your concerns, sorry not sorry to drop this off but he doesn’t love you. He’s just staying because you want him to stay and why not, he could still do whatever he wants while taking all his advantages on you. He’s staying because you are still beneficial in his life but once he finds someone’s better, you are left with nothing. You are just nothing but a ragged doll left in the corner because he’s done playing with you; because you didn’t leave a single love on yourself; because you’ve poured all the love and all you on a stupid freak who doesn’t deserve all the feelings and effort you have invested. And why would you wait for that day to come when you can find your own feet now and stand on your ground. Yes, it’s difficult to move your foot forward away from the person who you give your all. But remember, this person will never change and you don’t deserve this kind of shit. Learn to walk away from the things that destroy your well-being. You deserve a selfless love and that starts on loving yourself. You can never teach a man to love you. You can’t say that you should love me this way and not that way. You teach them how to love you based on how you love yourself.

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Leave me alone fucker

I’ll make it straight to the point. I’m not gonna convince you that I am worth it because fuck, boy, I already know my worth and I don’t need you to realize it nor allow you to label my worth.


I’m so done tolerating any bullshits in my life. I’m getting old for the same shits; for putting myself in an awkward situation, for being in an undefined relationship. Fuck, just leave me alone. I don’t need you though. I’ve been to relationship before. I am not saying that I am proud to be in wrong relationships. I’ve had my downfalls, I was left with scars and bruises. They aren’t something to be proud about but they aren’t something to be embarrassed about either. My point is, I’ve learned with my past relationships. I’ve learned to higher my standard when choosing a man. I’m not gonna choose a boy who doesn’t have balls to stand up for his principles. I need a man who knows what a realationship is. Because I know when a boy only wants to take advantage of me, I know if a boy  only wants to get in between my legs. I smell your shit before you shit on me. I know who is genuine or not. Do not fuck with me because damn boy, I know your game before you play it. Wear your pants fucker. No one is buying your game. Stop wearing your dick up there on your head, it’s not a hat!


I don’t need any other headaches. Right now the only worries and confusion I have are what nail colors and lipstick shades are perfect on me, and where to eat or what movie to watch. The only heart break I have is when my nails cut accidentally. I can say that I am not ready for any relationshit and I will never be, so stay the fuck out of me.

If you think I am not good enough for you, that’s all right with me. I am not stopping you to search for the better. I know there’s always a better person than me. So you can go, the door is wide open. It’s not like I slap your hand every time you do something I don’t like. It’s not like I’ll beg you to stay. It’s your free will to choose what’s good for you and not. If you think I’m not deserving, then stop messing with me or else you’ll end up messed up, I guarantee you that.


The only people who deserve to be with me are the ones who do not question my worth. If you think I’m not worth it and so are you. Leave me alone fucker!


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Stop Thinking What If, Start Thinking What Is

“Life is full of uncertainty. There is nothing permanent in this world.  The world is a constant change and you’ve got nothing to do but to get along with it and enjoy what life has to offer.”

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling paralyzed? Because you finally know what a fucking idiot you are for wanting to go back to the place that broke you; for wanting to reconcile with the person who left you hanging; for wanting to put back the pieces even that means hurting yourself again. Crazy as it sounds but it’s crazy and stupid, yes. A sudden thought suddenly pop into your head. A sudden thought that is like a cold water pouring into you. A sudden awakening thought that goes “Why should I try harder to be with someone who is the main reason of the miseries I went through? I would no longer be the one who constantly making an effort, where in the first place, this is what he wanted. If someone wants to be a part of my life, he’d done anything to be with me. No ifs and no buts.” A relationship is a give and take. You can’t be the one who always gives and receives nothing in return. For some, they call it unconditional love. But for me, I call it martyrdom.You can’t wipe his ass every time he shits. If you know what I mean.

As they said, there is nothing permanent in this world. The world is changing and we’re designed flexible and adaptable, we get along with the change until it changed you. Your perspective would eventually change; you get to think more apprehensively. You get to realized what is good and what is damaging for you, and over the long haul, you’d choose to let go and hold on to the things that could and would make you happier. You get wiser. And once you have tasted the real freedom and happiness, you become unstoppable. We can’t be stuck on something that isn’t here anymore. Learn to move forward, even if it’s little or baby steps, it would make a huge difference. Why, yes to adventures!

Just like Bruno Mars says on one of his songs, I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will find me. Leave the past behind me, today my life begins .A whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the taking. I know I can make it today my life begins. We all have our choices in life. Life isn’t complicated, as they say, it is us who make our lives complicated. If you want to be happy then be, if you want to live in a miserable life, then be.You can live your life happily and set your own rules or you can chain yourself from something that you can no longer have. Either way, it is all up to you to choose.

It’s okay to weep and wallow for the people who are long gone

It’s okay to be sad,

It’s okay to be angry,

It’s okay to cry,

It’s okay to still love the person who hurt us and to want another shot,


It’s okay to lick your own wounds in the middle of the night,

It’s okay to cry buckets of tears,

It’s okay to realize that the problem is not you,

It’s okay to let go of the things that are hurting you,

It’s okay to move on,

It’s okay to stop thinking what if,

and it’s totally okay to start thinking what is.

It’s okay to say yes to new adventures;

It’s okay to lose and find yourself back again.

It’s okay to be happy,

It’s okay to look forward and never look back…

It’s okay… You’ll be okay..

Believe me..

I’ve been there and done that…

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Here’s To Us

Here’s to us

Here’s to all the things that we’ve been through;

to all the good and the bad times spent together;

Here’s to nostalgia and euphoria;

to all the times that we have wasted being apart;

Here’s to all the good byes that have been uttered but have never done;

to all the fuck yous that end up to i love yous and i miss yous;

to all the fights and make ups;

Here’s to the year of loneliness and emptiness;

to all the lonely nights spent by weeping;

to all the pail of tears we have shed because of  hurting and missing each other

and here’s to another year of a new hope;

Here’s to another year with you;

Here’s to you my love;

to the amazing love that shines my life;

to my ray of sunlight,

Here’s to us,

Here’s to our love;

here’s to making up to all the things that we should have done;

Here’s to the year of changes;

Here’s to healing, moving on and letting go of all the hatred in our hearts;

Here’s to forgiving ourselves for not being perfect;

Here’s to the year of second chances;

to the fulfillment of our promises;

Till death do we part.

Here’s to a brand new beginning of just you and me.

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For when she is done..

“The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will.”

When a woman falls in love, she loves hard. A woman’s love has no boundaries. When she loves you, that means accepting you whole-heartedly. She would blindly focus on your positive sides rather than looking at your flaws. She would always hold you, care for you, and cherish you and would give anything for you if that means losing herself to you. No matter how many times you hurt her; despite of all the hurt and sufferings you have caused her, she would stay by your side but that doesn’t mean she’s a masochist, she’s staying because she still believes that one day, you’d wake up and finally realize that it’s her that you need more than anything else. She would give you more chances and would stay committed to you. She would swallow her pride just for you to stay. She would willingly give up everything just for you to be happy. She would still fucking love you even if you don’t fucking deserve to be loved.— and those are the problems with women.

Women, when are you ever going to stop chasing the fuck boys? When are you going to realize that you don’t need any bullshits from men; that you are not a half waiting to be whole? I think you will only realize it all, when you are already sitting on the corner, clasping your hands above your knees while ugly tears are starting to roll in that awful face of yours that used to be lively just because the man you cherished left you with another stupid girl. You will only realize it all when the only choice you have is to be strong.

Break-ups are never easy, break-ups are always messy.


  • Denial stage: There are times that you’d wake up in the middle of the night; feeling the weight of the world on your shoulder while there is a dagger on your chest, killing you silently. You would weep like a lost child. You couldn’t still believe that in  fraction of a second, the world that you built with the person you love is collapsing right in front of your eyes. You’d still text or call him or in a worst case, follow him wherever he goes, begging him to stay and telling that it isn’t happening.
  • Anger: You discovered that he already replaced you with another woman contrary in what he said, that he needs space and time to think if there’s a future between the two of you. Of course, you guys broke up with a reason and that reason is that he’s an asshole. You would curse and swear at him while you sob in front of your friends and alcohol. You’d drown yourself to anger and bitterness. You even  wish him to die and think of sending him hurtful messages because you want him to feel guilty for what he has done to you. (but he doesn’t really care.)
  • Bargaining: The anger has subsided and you realize that maybe if you just approach him in a pleasant way maybe you could somehow mend the damage of your relationship. You would start contacting him again begging to make things up and have it a second thought once more.
  • Depression: After all the stupid things that you’ve done, you realize that nothing would ever change his mind; then depression turns up. Depression comes with anger. Again, you’d drown yourself with alcohol. You’d stop eating and seeing your wonderful friends because you think nobody can help you. You think that you will never ever get over him.
  • Acceptance: After all the darkest days of your life, you’ll be sober; as time passes by, there would be a time that  someone or you yourself will gonna accidentally pour icy water on you that would wake you up in your own delusion . Acceptance doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time. As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever is certainly true, even your sufferings. Finally, you’d be able to find the good in good byes. Above all, remind yourself that things didn’t work out because it wasn’t supposed to. God has a lot in store for you!

When a woman is done waiting and loving you, there is no turning back. You will only be a memory to her and no matter what you do, she would stay adamant. She would no longer believe in your sugarcoated lies. Don’t say that she changed if you are the one who changed her. You changed her for the better and thanks to you! You wasted your chance. You wasted her love. Now, she is ready to explore the world of opportunities, she is ready now to face the world and future without you for she is simply done with you.