Read me. Know me

Why do you write?

I remember the time when I was feeling devastated and I thought that was the end of the world for me, the kind of excruciating pain that you feel but you don’t know where is it hurting you that’s why you weren’t able to tell nor mend yourself, it just kept on hurting and gnawing every pieces of you.

I have then realized that my thoughts are so preoccupied by the past events and people. I think that’s the problem if you are a memory hoarder.You keep the memories with you; happy or sappy.

One of the good things of having your own space, you are in charge of everything. No one will tell you what to write or what to say. You can write down your very own thoughts, all your angst, anxieties, and distress in life that seem to magically fade away by just putting them to words especially if you are not a sociable or chatty person in real life.