Random Thoughts


I’ll make it straight to the point. I’m not gonna convince you that I am worth it because fuck, boy, I already know my worth and I don’t need you to realize it nor allow you to label my worth.


I’m so done tolerating any bullshits in my life. I’m getting old for the same shits; for putting myself in an awkward situation, for being in an undefined relationship. Fuck, just leave me alone. I don’t need you though. I’ve been to relationship before. I am not saying that I am proud to be in wrong relationships. I’ve had my downfalls, I was left with scars and bruises. They aren’t something to be proud about but they aren’t something to be embarrassed about either. My point is, I’ve learned with my past relationships. I’ve learned to higher my standard when choosing a man. I’m not gonna choose a boy who doesn’t have balls to stand up for his principles. I need a man who knows what a realationship is. Because I know when a boy only wants to take advantage of me, I know if a boy  only wants to get in between my legs. I smell your shit before you shit on me. I know who is genuine or not. Do not fuck with me because damn boy, I know your game before you play it. Wear your pants fucker. No one is buying your game. Stop wearing your dick up there on your head, it’s not a hat!


I don’t need any other headaches. Right now the only worries and confusion I have are what nail colors and lipstick shades are perfect on me, and where to eat or what movie to watch. The only heart break I have is when my nails cut accidentally. I can say that I am not ready for any relationshit and I will never be, so stay the fuck out of me.

If you think I am not good enough for you, that’s all right with me. I am not stopping you to search for the better. I know there’s always a better person than me. So you can go, the door is wide open. It’s not like I slap your hand every time you do something I don’t like. It’s not like I’ll beg you to stay. It’s your free will to choose what’s good for you and not.


The only people who deserve to be with me are the ones who do not question my worth. If you think I’m not worth it and so do you. Leave me alone fucker!



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