The Man Who Leaped Through My Dreams

People said when you see a stranger in your dream, you might have met that person somewhere before. You may not remember it but your subconscious mind does. So there is a tendency that the people we meet on the street may appear in our dreams unconsciously.

Perhaps, have we met before?

I have dreamed about you countless times. I saw you standing at the altar while I was walking in the aisle. I saw your pretty smile but I couldn’t remember your face. All I know is that you are wonderful. There were times I saw you beside me, cuddling me while uttering the words “I LOVE YOU”, I remembered I smiled at you and you held me closer but again I only see your familiar smile.I woke up and try to remember how you look like: You have a nice soft black hair, beautiful eyes, pretty smile, you have a good built body enough to crash me into pieces, and  you have loving arms and gentle hands that are promising me that you wouldn’t hurt me, you have those warm hugs that could calm the raging confusion inside me.

But who are you?

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself smiling strangely. I’ve been having this weird dreams lately. You are in it but I don’t know you. I am actually a kind of person who tries to find a scientific explanation or maybe just a valid explanation to my weird dreams because I believe that it has something to do with our waking life, call me old-fashioned or weird or superstitious, you name it. I don’t care. Take for instance, I sometimes dream of swimming underwater which apparently means I am completely submerged in my own feelings; and I oftentimes dream about zombies too, according to, when you dream of zombies that basically means you are out of touch; that you are just going through the motions of daily living, etc; which I could totally relate into my waking life: I am lost not geographically but emotionally lost..

But peculiarly one day, the rhythm of my dreams have changed….

There were times, I know I dreamed of you but I couldn’t remember but there was a strange feeling, there were also times that I saw your face clearly but the next morning, I couldn’t remember you at all. You are so vague but the emotions are so clear.

Who are you?

I really do believe that you are my soulmate… Do I sound funny? Do I sound like a hopeless romantic? Maybe you are right. I will tell you something about me, I have been broken before, many times actually, fell down and stood up eventually, got hurt and healed, but you know what? I never lose my faith in love, I never lose my faith that might one day you’ll come along and extend your hand to me and tell me, “You are home now.” 

I believe that one day, I would get the chance to see you right in front of me. But how would I know if it is you already? My heart knew you before; I know my heart would recognize your pretty smile, it is not just an ordinary pretty smile but it is a kind of smile that stirs down my soul. And how would you know if it is I already? Look into my eyes, and your soul would know that I was that girl in your dreams; the girl with the sad eyes.


Lover, you are may be somewhere staring at the same night sky and wishing for a shooting star to cross the dark sky illuminated by the moon. You would smile because you know that you don’t believe on those sort of things but then you enjoy seeing extra-ordinary things;while I am lying down on the roof; arm at the back of my head, tracing the constellation of stars through my forefinger—wondering what are you like and where are  you and what are you doing? 

Even though we are in different places perhaps at a different time zone too, our minds and hearts are connected. The stars above us would decide when will our paths cross but how would you know if it is I already? It is when you look at my eyes and see things  just as the same as the beauty of stars in dim light that you adore in the night sky;look at the palms of my hands and you will see your name traced in it. That’s the time the universe, the stars, and the planets will conspire to help us find each other. The heaven and earth will be finally aligned. The universe  will stare at us in awe because finally after a long journey, we have at last found our destination.

Lover, do something. Find me. Please find me.


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