More than a pretty face

“No matter how beautiful you are and how expensive your clothes are if your personality is a shit then you are a shit. It doesn’t matter how attractive you look. It’s the personality that makes one person outshines the rest.”

With the advent of technology,  our lives have started to change as the years passed by,  and this includes our standard in beauty. Nowadays, if you have a pointed nose, wide eyes, plump lips, and overall a sexy body—you are beautiful. That is why, a lot of women consider of going under the knife in achieving a beautiful perfect look. I mean who doesn’t want that, right?! Not to mention cosmetics; cosmetics should enhance your confidence not a cover up for your hideous personality.  Looks can be deceiving at times but you can never hide your ugly personality. It isn’t something that a make-up could hide.

 I have known people who can only offer their physical appearance but totally rotten inside. As you get older, you stop looking for a person who only has a pretty face.But rather, you start looking for a person who has a strong personality, a good heart, and a kind soul who would fit with yours.

Beauty isn’t based on someone’s skin color, race, or appearance. Beauty comes from within.I guess we should stop judging someone based on his/her appearance and it’s about time that we should focus on enhancing our inner beauty rather than being addicted with our looks because beauty fades. It’s always the personality that lasts long and what makes you beautiful inside and out.

To all the young girls out there who are victims of society’s cruel beauty standards…..

You look at the mirror and we see different things. You sigh because you can’t be as pretty as your favorite celebrity, I sigh because you think that way. You look again at the mirror and tears of disappointment start to roll down on that exquisite face, you think that the journey ends there. I look at the mirror and I see a beautiful extra-ordinary woman who has a bright future ahead of her. Darling, wipe your tears and show the world what you are capable of. You are more than a pretty face. You don’t have to starve yourself just to be as sexy as your favorite Victoria’s secret model; tell you what, having a sexy mind is way better than having a sexy body.

You are a diamond. No one can take away your shine. Always remember that. Let go of the thought that you can’t be what you want just because the society taught you that being beautiful is everything. Having a kind soul my dear, that’s what makes you beautiful.


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