Unsaid Words

Unsaid Words Pt.2

Dearest You,

Yesterday, I had finally got a courage to cut off all the connections that we had.Though, I have blocked you on my facebook a long time ago,at long last, I deleted my viber and whatsapp, and I even blocked you on my phone. If might one day, you look for me and I was nowhere to be found, I want you to know that I have given up the remaining hope for the both of us, and that I am saving the love that I still have for you. So don’t look for me, continue the life that you’ve had before you met me. This is how I am letting you go.

Last night, I had a dream about you. I was running away from you while you were chasing me. I ran and ran until my stomach hurt, blood started to drip on my legs,you hugged me so tight and I begged you to bring me to the hospital. You hugged me tightly and whispered in my head, “Everything’s gonna be alright. You’re safe now.” I woke up feeling empty and a sudden thought occurred to me, there were times that I really did feel safe with you, your arms felt like home but there were also times that you felt like a danger. I was caged with a love I thought would have never ended but eventually it did. While I was loving you, I was also confining myself from something unknown.

He met her measuring stare and tried to hold back the tears, “I wish I could have been better for you. I wish I could have been the man that you’ve been praying for but I failed you in all possible way and I am sorry.” 

She shrugged her shoulder and looked at the vast calm sea, “I was only 20 when I met you. It’s not that I easily fell with everybody but you were special in your own way. You swept me off my feet for an instance. I was young by then and I really thought we would end up together. I believed in you. I held onto you. I trusted you. I gave you hundred chances.” She looked at him with the pain through her eyes, “You had squeezed the last drop of faith that I had in you until I had at last decided to leave. I loved you and I cared for you too much and that was how I saved the love that I had for you.” Her gaze melted him. “I had loved you from those days that turned into nights and months that turned into years. I had loved you silently afar. Then I realized that you could still love  and miss someone without wanting them back. Until you finally found yourself again and you woke up one day feeling okay. Not totally healed but okay. Then someone came along, and wonderfully took away all the pain and filled the cracks in your heart with deep love and happiness.” She paused and reached his hand, “I wish you found that contentment in your heart. I wish you met someone who would put back the missing piece in your life that would make you stop looking for it from the wrong people. I wish you happiness. And though this is supposed to be the end of us, I am still glad I met you.” 


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