2016 Year Ender: Now Signing Off

2016 has been like a roller coaster ride for me (or probably with every one of us ). I can’t say it’s an awful ride, nevertheless, it was terrific! As a memory hoarder, I try to keep the memories by taking a snap of it and hoard them in an album while putting it on my mind, or by just simply writing it down, whether it’s agony or euphoria, annoyance or extremity. As I look at the photos and read the things that I have written on the past months, they make me wonder what was I thinking or feeling at that moment. Why so much heavy words and emotions? It’s a good reminder that “Ooops, I’ve been there and done that. I won’t be the same person I was before.”

Before the year ends, let’s have a quick look at the past and try to see it in a farther vision. Looking back in a farther sight! Well, I am not saying to look back and go back, there’s a huge difference. As they say, you can’t see the beauty of a building if you are standing inside of it. To have a clearer view of something, you must look at it afar. Casting my mind back in the past years, I have realized how immature am I but I guess it’s no wonder because yeah, I’m still young but then again, I have also realized how gracefully I matured except the fact that I’m still bad at making decisions in my life. Nevertheless, I am slowly trying to figure it out. And here are the things that the past years have taught me:


  • Life isn’t a hunky dory, sometimes, it’s a scary story. Nobody says that it’s all going to be easy. Sometimes, you will experience ups and downs and you would think how awful life is. Life, oftentimes, will hit you hard as soon as you get back up. Well, that’s the interesting part of life, proving it that you are strong in whatever it offers. Life can indeed be cruel  nonetheless, life is still worth living.  If life won’t give up on  giving you challenges, who are you to give up with life? If life consistently giving you storms, remember that you are the storm. Life isn’t easy, it can’t be sunny everyday but it can’t be raining all the time neither. Fall seven times, and stand up eight then raise your middle finger up in the air and say “Fuck. You can’t put me down!”
  • People will always have something bad to say about you. In whatever you do, you will always have critics. You are not even a celebrity but on this society full of hypocrites, no matter how good and friendly of a person you are, people would always find flaws in you. Remember, it is not your responsibility to please everybody, pleasing yourself is the only responsibility you have. Stay away from negativity. 
  • Forgive your offenders not because they ask for it but because you are finally healing. Forgiving isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s a process. When you forgive that doesn’t mean you have already forgotten what they have done, it only means you are matured enough to accept the fact that people have their reasons why they act the way they do. Forgiving doesn’t mean you’ve already forgotten what they’ve done but rather you are setting yourself free from hatred and anguish they have caused you. Let their conscience bother them as long as they are living. Hand over to karma all the dirty works!
  • Appreciate all those little things in life because one day you’ll realize that those little things aren’t actually little. It’s a human nature to ask and look for more. We are too absorb with the idea of having and receiving luxurious things thinking that those things will make us happy. But most of the time those things cause you unhappiness. Look around and recapitulate all the good things left. You have given a brand new day. Spend it wisely. You may not have everything in the world but you still have true friends beside you. You have a family. You have a job. You have a house to live in while others don’t. Consider yourself blessed. Stop complaining. Look around you and start to be grateful.
  • Not because someone is asshole towards you doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole too, do not downgrade yourselves with the unworthy ones. Stop giving attention to those toxic people who have got nothing to do but to put you down. You don’t have to accept all the arguments you are invited into. Kill people with kindness then kill them with silence. In the bible, it is written “If someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek.  If someone demands your coat, offer your shirt also.” You would feel better.Let them carry the grudge they’re holding towards you and life would reward you genuine happiness that you deserve.
  • Learn to accept the fact that there are things you cannot change. Things might not turn out the way we want them to and that is fine. Everything happens for a reason. If you can’t figure out the reason yet believe that one day, you will.
  • Happiness is self-achievable. If you want to be happy then be. Too often people depend their happiness with others that’s why they end up miserable. It’s okay to be happy with them but making them as your source of happiness won’t make you happy in the end. You, yourself alone only have the capability on controlling your emotions, don’t give people the power to manipulate your happiness. Do what makes you happy, fuck whatever would people say.


  • You think that they’re your friends because you talk with them in a day to day basis but sad to say, they’re actually not. Listen to what they gossip around with you because most probably you are the topic of their gossip when you are not around. No one is really your friend until you have experienced a terrible situation. Everybody is so fond of you when you have something to offer but once you’re at your lowest, they’re gone as fast as the bubbles floating in the air. pop. They’re gone. Stay away from these people.
  • A true friend is a light in the dark. She’s a kind of person who will hit you real hard in the head and tell you bluntly how you are messing your life with shitty people. She won’t shower you with compliments then talk shit behind your back. She’ll do that in front of you. And most importantly, she would stay with you even if the world leaves, she will always be there, serving as your light in your dark days. These are the only people you need around, take care of them.
  • Cut off all the irrelevant people in your life. Life is too short to waste your energy with the dramas that people around  you created. You’re gonna lose friends and that is okay. As you grow older, you’d realize that you don’t have time with pointless dramas, meaningless conversation, unnecessary interactions.If you  don’t vibe, you don’t vibe,as simple as that. Surround yourself with positive and genuine people.
  • Listen to what’s important the rest is just a noise. Listen to what people are saying whether it’s criticism or compliment. Take a moment to contemplate things out, maybe you are becoming too self-centered that you become a nuisance to people around you. Those destructive criticisms, make them your stepping stone on becoming a much better person. Observe. Listen. Take action.


  • Bad news nothing lasts forever, everything changes. Feelings and emotions change. An hour ago, he loved you and then the next he doesn’t anymore. Yesterday, she was your bestest friend and the next day, she’s one of those strangers again. You feel devastated how things turn out to but sweetie the good news is, nothing lasts forever, you would be sad for a while and you’d learn to accept the fact that there’s no constant thing on this world. You might be sad, angry, devastated for now but tomorrow would be another day.
  • Not all people who come into your life are bound to stay. Accept the fact that you’re gonna lose people no matter how much you don’t want them to. You cannot force someone to stay. If they want to go, you shall set them free. You can never cage them because at the end you’d end up the prisoner of your own cage. Consider the fact that some people are just passers-by. They’re never meant to stay. There are some certain people that you have to let go because 1. They’re bad for you cause they hinder your growth 2. They’re part in your life is already finished. People come and go nonetheless, the right ones will stick with you no matter how hard the situation might be.
  • Too many people want you but how many of them deserve to be with you? Not because someone has shown interest on you doesn’t mean he’s genuine. Learn to read between the lines.Too often, you are so caught up in the fact the someone likes you that you disregard the red flags.Don’t pretend or ignore something that you shouldn’t all because someone shows interest on you. Guard your heart!
  • It’s okay to give up. Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are strong enough to admit that there are some things that are out of your willpower and capability. Sometimes, letting go is the easiest goddamn thing to do. Stop holding on to people who don’t have balls to stand by you.
  • Being single doesn’t mean lonely. Not because people around you have their significance others doesn’t mean you need one. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t a competition. Don’t rush things. Don’t jump in a relationship that you aren’t sure of. Enjoy the solitude and comfort of being alone. Never again waste another second, an ounce of energy, milliliter of saliva, and a glimpse of attention into toxic people who only want to get in between your legs. It isn’t wrong to set a high standard in love, set your guard up and if they really want you, they would climb it, no matter what it takes.

I have learned a lot of things in the past years that writing them all would take ages before I finish it. Well I guess, that is what life all about. Stumbling, falling, and learning. As another new year is about to start, let me end 2016 with one word: Grateful.  I am  grateful to all the wonderful and shitty things that I have encountered;  to all the people I’ve met, whether they caused me heartbreak or not, friends or enemies. You think you damage me but in fact, you only made me a better person. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be the exact woman as I am now. Thank you for the hate. And most importantly, I am grateful to all the people who have stayed  since day 1.

To sum it all up, The future is scary but it’s more like “exciting.” Thanks God for the challenging years that we’ve had. As they said, God gives the most challenging battles to his toughest soldiers. A reminder that no matter what we are going through right now,know that this too shall pass because he loves you that much. If he put you to it he will get you through it.

Raise your glass folks, here’s to another year of new beginnings, opportunities, love, and a lot more.

Here’s to more adventures and meeting extra-ordinary people.
Here’s to new beginnings;
to you and to me;
Here’s to letting go of the past and earning the lessons in it.
Here’s to another wonderful year well spent with you..

This is 2016, now signing off.



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