To My Friend Who Began To Drift Away

There are some special people who will come into your life and will stay there permanently. Those people who will stick with you through thick and thin, through prosperity and impoverishment. Those people who will stay true to you and aren’t afraid to tell you bluntly how pain in the ass you are but still pick you and lift you up from your downfall. You know what they’re called? Real Friends.

I actually do not know where and how to start this. These days, I’ve been trying to distract my mind and as much as possible I’m trying to avoid to think the conflict between you, Tina, and I. That’s how I’m handling life lately. I don’t wanna overthink things that are out of my capabilities to fix. I don’t know when or where the walls started to arise nor I don’t know why you began to drift away.

Recently, I’ve been musing why did you stop responding to our messages, those two blue checks appeared in our messenger that meant you have read everything that we sent. We kept sending you messages, inviting you to meet us, but one day, you just decided not to talk to us anymore. How absurd was that?! A one-syllable reply from you would be so much appreciated for us not to feel morons. We’re not being sensitive or clingy but you’ve been constantly doing that lately and it’s exasperating.

We used to be very close. You and Tina are like sisters to me. We shared countless laughter, sorrows, troubles, dreams,secrets, and a lot more. And it’s sad that it’s all turn into waste. Maybe, you are tired of us telling you things that are so painful to handle  but you know what? we didn’t mean any thing bad because those things are from your own good, we wanted you to be strong because frankly speaking ,you are the weakest from the three of us. We wanted you to come out from your comfort zone and experience the real world. We’re pushing you to jump, spread out your wings, soar high. Take the risk and do not be afraid for we are just always behind your back telling you “stupid bitch, go on! What do you think you are doing?just go!” or perhaps you have some personal problems that you are too ashamed to share or whatever it is, you know that we’re just here for you, holding your hand and say, “we’re all in this together.” or maybe you just don’t simply have any reasons.Nobody knows. But whatever your reasons are, we’re not closing our doors for you. If you want to come and make amends we are willing to listen and welcome you with open arms but if not, that’s fine. We are starting to accept the fact that there are certain people whom you have to let go because their part in our lives is already finished. We’re not teenagers anymore, throwing bad words or making parinig on facebook won’t solve anything. Let’s settle this issue like real adults for the sake of the old times and let’s fucking move on with our lives. You know me, I could be a truest friend to you, a worst enemy, and best at treating people like they don’t exist.You choose.


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