In Loving Memories Of

Having known as one of the Catholic countries, today, November 1, is All Saint’s day which is technically speaking, a Christian festival celebrated in honored of the Saints. In the Philippines, we also consider it as a day when we commemorate the death of our loved ones. We visit to the graves and offer flowers and prayers, and light a candle for them. Every November 1, the cemeteries are crowded; full of people in spite of the scorching weather. It is also a day when families gather together, a sort of small family reunion in the middle of graves and under the heat of the sun. Some choose to come at dawn, some at dusk. Our family will go at dusk. The place is not too much crowded nor hot at that time though.

Just to release my sentiments, few days ago, an acquaintance of mine had a severe heart attack that took his life away. At the age of 24, he passed away. Though we ended up as someone who used to be closed, he was a part of my childhood and I was deeply saddened for what has happened to him. Every time an acquaintance passes away, it makes me realize how short life is. Life could be so cruel at times, isn’t it? It takes away  good people and keep alive the bad people. If that’s so, I don’t want to be a good person yet, at least not yet, I still want to do a lot of things in my life before the angel of death takes my life away. But just like what they said, our lives are just borrowed. He is the only one who has the power to decide when and where is he going to take us. The deaths of my acquaintances make me value life the most, to do the things that we should do until we have time. It makes me want to say I love you more often to the people I love, to say sorry to all the people I have hurt, to thank all the people who have never left my side through good and bad, to hug my loved ones as an expression of my love and gratitude.

Because time passes. The leave changes its color. The weather changes. People come and go. People born and die. That’s the cycle and we couldn’t stop that on happening. Time has taken away a lot of precious people in my life, and I am left scarred forever. I am done weeping for all the people I’ve lost but my heart will always long for them as long as I am living.

This is for Johnrey, for my Ninong Ber, for my granpas and granma, uncle and aunties, friends, this it for all our loved ones who left us physically but will never leave our hearts. There is never a day goes by that we don’t think about you. We always wonder how could have it been if you are still here with us. You are all missed, don’t you know that? You left us vulnerable and we’ve come stronger as the years pass by. You taught us to start afresh, to value time and life. Though, there are still a handful of should haves and could haves in our hearts, we learned how to comfort ourselves by the worn out line “everything happens for a reason”and though we may not understand the reasons yet, we are holding onto God’s promise of eternal life, you know what does that mean? We would see each other again soon. In God’s time.We may not be breathing the same air anymore nor see the same sky but your memories are engraved with us. For the meantime, let us breathe the stimulating air of early November for you. Let us be your senses while you are enjoying the paradise with God where no more pain, chaos, starvation— far far away from the cruel world down here. It has been a rough journey for all of us, hasn’t it? But we are so lucky that once in our lives, you became part of ours just like we became part of yours. There is no Good bye, only see you soon.

In Loving Memories of Our Loved Ones who may physically left us but the memories of them will forever be with us. May you all rest in peace to be able to enjoy the promising land and eternal life of our Father in heaven. Please pray for us, for the world as we pray for your tranquility. You will never be forgotten. We loved you then. We love you now. And we will love you for always.

Here’s a song to remind you that we are missing you here and how we wish things were still the same like years ago..

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?


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