So I was scrolling down my blog posts and I just then realized how tremendously sad creature I am. I have then realized that my thoughts are so preoccupied by the past events and people. I think that’s the problem if you are a memory hoarder.You keep the memories with you; happy or sappy. One of the good things of having your own space, you are in charge of everything. No one will tell you what to write or what to say. You can write down your very own thoughts, all your angst, anxieties, and distress in life that seem to magically fade away by just putting them to words especially if you are not a sociable or chatty person in real life.

To Singlehood

Having been a single woman for a year who has a free mind, free will, and all. Life has been running smoothly; free from troubles, free from toxic people; finally living in my own carefree world. Some people often mistaken single people as sad creatures, in our defense, all people get sad every once in a while, whether you are in a relationship or not, but that doesn’t mean our sadness is perpetual. I have reached the point in my life where I don’t need a man to define my value or existence. I am strong on my own and I don’t need a man to satisfy myself. I could bring myself in a cinema; I could buy myself food or even shower myself with gifts. I could be happy without depending myself with other people.

But at the end of the day, there are times that a sudden melancholy hits me off—would it be possible to find the right man for me? Why can’t someone love me like Noah loved Allie, perhaps like an Irah who was faithful to Ruth till his last breath, or maybe a Landon Carter who was willing to move heaven or earth for Jaymee Sullivan? It would be a pleasure to have John Tyree too who could be faithfully devoted even if we were miles away! Okay.. too much reading and watching Nicholas Sparks’ novels and movies. But of course, I wouldn’t mind having a Carl in my life who knew how to keep his promises; to grant my wishes of adventures even after I was long gone—Certainly, it only happens in the movies.

Just when you thought you are doing good at being alone, there would come a time when you feel this swell of loneliness, the crave of having a companion, attention, and affection from that someone.

That someone

That someone who has the most beautiful eyes;

Those eyes that glimmer like a thousand stars when he smiles;

His smile is like a beacon flickering in a dark dark night beckoning you to come home ;

The dark night that you thought was seemingly no end suddenly  glistens;

illuminating the pathway towards him

For he is the candle light that will never melt

The flashlight that do not run out of battery;

For he, himself is the light;

His voice sounds melody in the ears

that could only calm the demons inside you;

His touch brings you shiver down the spine;

the sweet sweet sensation of his kisses causing the butterflies in your stomach to uproar;

For he is that someone who gives you a very reason to stay sane

You just know, it’s him

When the right time comes

Everything around you will be slow mo

As he is turning his back to face you

You would know that he isn’t just that someone; more than someone

He is everything.


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