It was a glorious night. The night sky was full of twinkling stars. The breeze of early October was chilly. She tucked her cardigan into her body. She shivered for a moment. She continued walking in her spacious garden, a cup of hot tea in her right hand. She leaned on the wall, deep in her thoughts as she was staring at the beautiful night sky.“It’s been a year.” she murmured. She took a deep breath and sipped  her tea. The wind blew and she smelled the fragrance of the fresh flowers in her garden. She breathed in and it calmed her distracted thoughts for a moment. She walked around anxiously and finally sat on the metal chair that was standing on the corner of the garden. She leaned on it gently and stretched her legs on top of the table. “How have you been? Are you thinking of me too? Cause I am.” She blinked and tears were drifting on her cheeks. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “Silly. Course he doesn’t.”  She looked up at the night sky and thought how beautiful and calm it was, on contrary of the chaos that was happening inside her. She closed her eyes, and the lucid memory of the man she loved and always would started to flicker like the stars above. She knew the moment she left,it was about to change everything and she was right.

“Distance was a dangerous thing. Distance changed people. Indeed.” she whispered to herself. She opened her eyes, “There’s no point crying over spilt milk. It was long gone.” she chided. She gulped the remaining tea in her cup and stood up aggressively. She walked inside and sadness overwhelmed her. One year had passed; and though there were a lot of things had changed,  there were also some things remained the same. She sobbed in silent. She was still crying for the same thing— person.  She calmed herself and gulped a glass of water and washed her face with a cold water.  She composed herself and entered inside their room.  As she was standing right in front of the bed,  she felt an overflowing love to the little man sleeping peacefully on the bed, surrounded by long pillows. She sat down quietly and touched the hand of her very own flesh. Her child was the very best thing that had ever happened to her and there was no doubt in that. He was 1 year old already, a jolly-beautiful baby boy, how time flies! It seemed like yesterday when she has given birth to this healthy little boy and now, he was getting bigger—her milk monster!  How could he ever forget the man she loved when every time she looks at him, all she saw is the father of her child. She laid down beside him and give him a peck on the cheeks. He wiggled and opened his eyes gently. He stared at his mother sleepily and he gave a cheeky smile. Those hazelnut brown eyes most reminded her of him. “Did I wake you up, my little prince? Hush now my love.”  He closed his eyes as if he understood what his momma said. “There’s a good boy now. Good night, my baby. I love you with all my heart. You’re the only thing I would never regret. He doesn’t need to know for he abandoned us for her. I am so sorry love, you would understand me when you grow older but for the meantime, don’t grow up too fast.” she said bitterly.

Thousand miles away, in the middle of hustle and bustle of the night life in the city. There was a man, standing by the window of his luxurious apartment. Deep in his thoughts. He was thinking about her, “How are you my love? I hope you’re happy wherever you are.” He told himself. He felt her two arms around him, it was Bethany, “Penny for your thoughts. Let’s go honey, let’s eat  dinner. I already prepared the table.”

“He’s still thinking about her.” Bethany thought grudgingly. The thing was that, no matter what she did, no matter how much she tried to be so lovable in front of him, her efforts just turned into dust. How could she make him marry her? She should plan it very carefully. “Just give me a minute hun, will you? I am just thinking about some bank-related-issue.” he told him gently. He didn’t want to upset her but there were times that he was so tired of her company especially when she was acting like a wife to him. Though she was a good bed companion but being his wife was totally a different story. She would never be. Not in a million years. He couldn’t just tell her to get lost easily for they had known each other for a long time—longer than he knew “her”, and this girl had helped him during the toughest days of his life. And that’s what “she” would never understand. He remembered her enchanting face. He heard the door closed behind him. Bethany left and he didn’t even bother to chase her. He closed his eyes for a moment and devoured the solitude and the pain of longing for a few minutes more. “How did we end like this? It isn’t suppose to end this way. You are suppose to be with me right now but my selfishness pushed you away. I am so sorry, my love. I will find you again and I would never ever let you go. I hope I still get a chance” he murmured.

He stared at the night sky. How beautiful the stars were! As they  were twinkling alternately. For as long as they shared the same sky and breathed the same air, they were still together; not by bodies but by hearts; though there were a lot of things had changed, the love that they felt were still the same. But was it enough to forget the past and to start afresh? I guess, we just had to wait and see….


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