Random Thoughts

For when she is done..

“The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will.”

When a woman falls in love, she loves hard. A woman’s love has no boundaries. When she loves you, that means accepting you whole-heartedly. She would blindly focus on your positive sides rather than looking at your flaws. She would always hold you, care for you, and cherish you and would give anything for you if that means losing herself to you. No matter how many times you hurt her; despite of all the hurt and sufferings you have caused her, she would stay by your side but that doesn’t mean she’s a masochist, she’s staying because she still believes that one day, you’d wake up and finally realize that it’s her that you need more than anything else. She would give you more chances and would stay committed to you. She would swallow her pride just for you to stay. She would willingly give up everything just for you to be happy. She would still fucking love you even if you don’t fucking deserve to be loved.— and those are the problems with women.

Women, when are you ever going to stop chasing the fuck boys? When are you going to realize that you don’t need any bullshits from men; that you are not a half waiting to be whole? I think you will only realize it all, when you are already sitting on the corner, clasping your hands above your knees while ugly tears are starting to roll in that awful face of yours that used to be lively just because the man you cherished left you with another stupid girl. You will only realize it all when the only choice you have is to be strong.

Break-ups are never easy, break-ups are always messy.


  • Denial stage: There are times that you’d wake up in the middle of the night; feeling the weight of the world on your shoulder while there is a dagger on your chest, killing you silently. You would weep like a lost child. You couldn’t still believe that in  fraction of a second, the world that you built with the person you love is collapsing right in front of your eyes. You’d still text or call him or in a worst case, follow him wherever he goes, begging him to stay and telling that it isn’t happening.
  • Anger: You discovered that he already replaced you with another woman contrary in what he said, that he needs space and time to think if there’s a future between the two of you. Of course, you guys broke up with a reason and that reason is that he’s an asshole. You would curse and swear at him while you sob in front of your friends and alcohol. You’d drown yourself to anger and bitterness. You even  wish him to die and think of sending him hurtful messages because you want him to feel guilty for what he has done to you. (but he doesn’t really care.)
  • Bargaining: The anger has subsided and you realize that maybe if you just approach him in a pleasant way maybe you could somehow mend the damage of your relationship. You would start contacting him again begging to make things up and have it a second thought once more.
  • Depression: After all the stupid things that you’ve done, you realize that nothing would ever change his mind; then depression turns up. Depression comes with anger. Again, you’d drown yourself with alcohol. You’d stop eating and seeing your wonderful friends because you think nobody can help you. You think that you will never ever get over him.
  • Acceptance: After all the darkest days of your life, you’ll be sober; as time passes by, there would be a time that  someone or you yourself will gonna accidentally pour icy water on you that would wake you up in your own delusion . Acceptance doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time. As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever is certainly true, even your sufferings. Finally, you’d be able to find the good in good byes. Above all, remind yourself that things didn’t work out because it wasn’t supposed to. God has a lot in store for you!

When a woman is done waiting and loving you, there is no turning back. You will only be a memory to her and no matter what you do, she would stay adamant. She would no longer believe in your sugarcoated lies. Don’t say that she changed if you are the one who changed her. You changed her for the better and thanks to you! You wasted your chance. You wasted her love. Now, she is ready to explore the world of opportunities, she is ready now to face the world and future without you for she is simply done with you.



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