The Comeback Girl


Let me tell you a story of bravery;of a woman who had found her strength to stand tall after the chaos of the previous horrendous tragedy she had battled for years— until she finally learned to walked properly again and picked up the diminutive pieces of her. The story of a comeback girl…

She’s the bravest woman I had ever met. She wore bravery on her skin, she smelled blood from the previous war that she went through. Her scars and bruises were signs of the fury of chaos. The scars and bruises that say “she’s alive and she has survived.” She covered her body with armors;she surrounded herself with barricades and put walls around her; She was determined to shut herself to the world and face tomorrow alone for she had lost the people she treasured the most;the people who had caused her the greatest catastrophe in life that a person could have ever experienced. There was no turning back. Soon enough, she would come back to haunt her offenders. She was the comeback girl….

I always saw this girl wandered the street alone. It took me a forever before I gathered my courage to introduced myself to her, so instead I always play like a wallflower. I sometimes would sit beside her on the bench while she was listening to her ipod with eyes closed. That was the first time I saw her up-closed. God! Her beauty was something illuminating;she had the most innocent face I had ever seen;her round-oval shaped face,small and pointed nose,the small cupid-shaped lips, her thick and long eyelashes,her freckled cheeks—her bare face was enchanting. I couldn’t help but to stare;and I swear at that moment, I knew that she would play a big role in my life…

She opened her eyes and caught me staring. She gazed at me for a moment, “Don’t you know that it is rude to stare?”.  I could sense a harsh tone in her voice, but tell you what, she had the most lovely voice that I’d ever heard and I didn’t even know how could someone express her annoyance with such a lovely tone. She was still staring at me waiting for an answer, “Cat got your tongue, eh?”  she uttered. My throat was dry; My heart was thumping fast; my hands and feet were wet; I was fidgeting;  I opened the bottled water that I brought with me and drunk it hastily, it spilled on my shirt, and I choked. I heard her laughed, I laughed with her. She extended her hand and said, “I am Hope.” I couldn’t believe it was real. I reached her hand  and shake it dainty “I am Luke…” I said nervously.  The sun was shining brightly. The smell of late summer air was invigorating. We saw a flock of pigeons up in the bright sky. We stared at them silently. It was indeed the best morning of my life…


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