Do you believe that whatever is happening to you and to the world around you is controlled of fate, destiny ,or providence? Are you one of the many individual  who blames fate for the misery and failures you’ve experienced? Do you believe in the lines “things happen because it’s meant to be?”

I myself used to believe those lies! You too should stop convincing yourself that fate wants you to fail and fall..

Isn’t it wrong? Whatever happens to you, its all you! You choose to leave, you choose to let go! You are hurting because you choose to hurt yourself. LOVE is a double-edged dagger and you should have realized it by now..

It is a foolish to believe you are miserable now because fate wants you to. Things happen for a reason and the reason is choice!

We walk the path we choose, we open the doors of opportunity and we have the power to believe it; shut and ignore it..

LOVE is not an object that fate can give you and take it back whenever it wishes. It is something we learn, we share, we earn..  and we’re the only ones who can take it back..

There’s no such thing as coincidence. Things happened because you let it happen. If you want to keep your love, you make ways to keep it, to protect it, even to save it. and if you feel like you’re tired of it, you can always choose to end it. It’s all in the palm of your hand.

You maybe thinking that it’s God’s plan and that I’m blaspheming. I do believe in God it just happens that I also believe he gave us freewill, because if not,living here on earth is pointless. I refuse to believe that I’m a puppet and it is bigger heresy to recognize God as the puppeteer; because, if you do. You’re a prisoner of LOVE’S GREATEST LIE!THE WORLDS GREATEST LIE!


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