The Art of Letting Go

How come that even though we do the right thing, in the end we are the one that’ll be hurt? Why does some good things never meant to last forever? Why does leaving come when you still both love each other? Why goodbye? Why let go?

There are many things on this world that no matter how I tried to understand still, I don’t get it. So many questions running in my mind but until now, it’s left unanswered. Maybe, that’s the irony of life; things happen beyond our control but just like my best friend said every time that I’ve met a terrible turning point in my life; “Everything happens for a reason”. Indeed, it is.People bid goodbye to us because they needed to. We need to have a little space to grow. Some times you are just going to sit and meditate for what you have done. To have yourself a break and for the meantime to be alone. and there are some issues better left unsaid..

Keep on asking why that is,but later on we can understand.We need to let go of what we thought we owned.It hurts,yes…a lot actually,but getting through each day made us realize that the world will keep on turning and so are we.We got hurt but we learned. We need to let go of the people who did not treat us right and hold on to those who love us back because they are the ones who are much worthy of our time and love. Happiness begins at the point of accepting things despite of its imperfections.

Learn to let go.Learn to move on. Remember that God takes away something from you when he has something better to give.


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