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Sometimes Goodbyes are Forever

Woke up early in the morning with the whoosh of the rain. It was so comfortable to hear the sound  of the rain falling on the roof. I had a good sleep though I slept with a throbbing headache.I groped for my phone that was laying down beside me. I turned it on and saw a message from him. It was strange because I don’t get excited anymore every time his name flashes on the screen. I don’t get exhilarated to respond on his calls or messages anymore. Does that mean I am slowly detaching? Perhaps yes.  When you cannot change some thing sometimes you just have to let it the way it is.

Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder, in some way, it’s certainly true but as the time goes by you would realize that perhaps absence makes the heart go wo(a)nder. The heart starts to wonder if it’s still worth the fight and when it realizes what it needs to realize, wandering occurs. You start to wander around and find what you truly deserve because you cannot sit your ass the whole day, pretending that everything is okay when everything is falling apart and wishing that things would turn on the other way round.

When people say good night, it literally means good night; when people say good bye, it could mean “Good bye see you soon. See you later.” You still get the chance to see that person in the future. But you also have to understand the deep definition of good bye cause people change and feelings fade; It’s like, “I’m not saying that we won’t see each other again perhaps we’ll see each other tomorrow, next week, next month or next year but there’s no guarantee that the feelings are still there; when I say good bye I say good bye for the love that we shared but I  surely treasure the memories; you’ve got to realize that sometimes good byes are forever.”


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