And then the rain started to fall on the parched land. The soil, plants, and flowers that had been thirsty were rejoicing for they had tasted again the refreshing water from the sky. The sky was dark; gloomy as it was. The little girl stepped outside and hopped happily in the puddle. She was wearing her favorite yellow raincoat and rain boots. She looked up the dark sky and opened her mouth, trying to taste the rain. She giggled and ran around their tiny garden. Arms opened while she danced with the rain. She heard her mother shouting from the inside saying not to run fast for she might stumble on some rocks or roots. She nodded. She took off her raincoat and rain boots and continued to dance with the rain. Her small body was all wet. Ohhh how she loved to play with the rain; how she loved rainy days! She wiped the water on her face by her hands and giggled. It took her 10 minutes on that scenario when her mother called her. She smelled the goodness of the rain along with the good smell of the hot chocolate that her mother was preparing. “Coming mother!” She shouted. She picked up her raincoat and rain boots. She entered inside merrily.

The rain started to fall heavily; thunder rumbled in the distance; lightning struck the dark sky. She stared at the window and smiled at herself as she reminisced the days when her only playmate was the rain; when hot chocolate, blanket, and the love of her mother kept her warm on rainy days;  and her fairy tale books were her only companions. Ohh how she missed those moments! She sipped her cup of hot chocolate. Eyes closed as she devoured the moment; the rain smelled peace and contentment. Nothing beats the comfort of the rain. She would never get tired of the rain..


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