This post isn’t suppose to be a rant but well, it is. I need to get off this exasperation that I feel in my chest. Isn’t it just irritating when a random guy keeps sending you messages like all the time and obliges you to reply on his every messages? Newsflash, YOU DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING AND YOU ARE CREEPY. (CAPSLOCK WITH UNDERLINE PARA DAMA MO!)

 It’s not like I’m a man-hater or whatever but it really pisses me off when a man tries to hit on you when you are obviously not interested! When a woman ignores you and keeps seen-ing your messages, you know what does that mean? She simply doesn’t give a fuck! So why bother?! I don’t mean to be harsh though but sorry not sorry. I try to be friendly as much as I could, really, I try but if you mistake my friendliness for liking you, well you are dreaming! This is for all the guys who think that girls are just being pakipot or nagmamaganda when girls choose to avoid them. If you feel that we’re just playing hard to get well man, you are not feeling well!

Put this in your fucking mind, I don’t have any responsibility to respond to your freaking non-sense messages. Who are you by the way? Are we close? No. Are we friends? DEFINITELY NO! Do I know you personally? FUCKING NO! I don’t need your attention so butt off! Do something productive and make your time worthwhile: Magkuskos ka ng kubeta nyo or magbungkal ka ng baradong poso negro. Umaalis alis ka sa paningin ko at baka ikaw ay samain sa akin..



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