How Reading Books Helped Me to Get On With my Life

Few months ago, I suffered from a serious anxiety and sleep deprivation. (not to tell you the deets why)  I am an over-thinker. I tend to think a problem; let it cloud my thoughts; and repeat a certain sad events in rewind until my body fires up, literally, my body is burning every time  anxiety sinks in. I don’t know why, I think anxiety is already in my blood. I couldn’t help it. So when anxiety knocks, sleep deprivation comes in. I tried many things to solve this problem of mine, I know, I should have gone to a physician to have it checked but Idk why I haven’t done it yet. I think I’m a kind of person who’ll try to solve her own problems as long as she can without seeking help to other people.We all have our own ways when it comes on dealing with our anxieties, stress, or problems in life. Some people choose to drown themselves in drinking alcohol, smoking, or worst drugs. In my case I choose to divert my attention with sort of things that will make me happy and forget my angst in life; such as watching whatever-genres-of-movies, listening to music and one of my most favorite hobbies—reading. Having said in my first blog entry— I love reading ever since I was a kid. I was grade 1 then when I learned how to read, I was grade 3 when I learned how to read fluently. I always love libraries  and bookstores, books never fail to fascinate me and tickle my imagination. I always get this kilig feeling every time I see tons of books well-arranged in the bookshelf and it feels like they are welcoming me in their world.


“I find peace and contentment by simply staring at you. Thank you for taking me to places I’ve never been, for giving me roller coaster emotions, and for always being there when I need to drift off in wonderland. You’re such a good friend!”

So let me start enumerating how books helped me to get on with my life:

  • I am an optimist by nature and pessimist in some sort of situation and books always comfort me when everything seems to fall apart.
  • Some people would say that reading a book is such a boring hobby. Some of my students confessed of falling asleep in the middle of reading. I try to encourage every people I meet to read books and enrich their knowledge for you just  don’t discover a whole new world but also you learn from the characters and situations that you can relate in the waking life.
  • Basically, I am a big fan of chic-lit, specifically Irish chic lit, I find it amusing how the authors like Cathy Kelly, Jane Fallon, and Sheila O’Flanagan put into  words the ups and downs of womanhood; how they tackle womanhood  issues— whether it’s about relationship with our partners or friends or parenthood, name it! they got it covered! I must say, that reading chic-lit has helped improved every aspects of my womanhood.
  • Travelling and reading are both the same thing. You just don’t read but you also travel to time and you get the chance to travel to different places as well without buying plane tickets and without moving your feet.
  • I love those war time stories. Most of my books in my mini bookshelf is all about war. How did people lose and still find hope and love after the devastating events in their lives always always enthralled me. It’s such an inspiration for all of us to never be scared to get back on our feet and find the silver lining in a hopeless situation.
  • It’s better to get addicted with books rather than drowning or stressing yourself with the things that you can’t change. Reading the right books can help you be a better person so read wisely.


Nowadays, I don’t get the chance to read books because of my tight schedule, if only you know my schedule is. I’m lucky enough though to still have time to blog. Tee hee! I still have 6 unread books in my shelf waiting for me to wander them one by one and I can’t wait for our intercourse. I still get anxious and sleep deprived once in a while but it’s a good thing that the reason of it is my job not humans anymore and I think it’s better to focus on your career these days more than anything else.


me every time I go to a book store… 🙂


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