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Life Lately Pt. 2

Today is the last day of August and that obviously means you have to roll  your calendar because another month is about to start! September, you guys! Ber months! Can you believe it?! Me neither! So basically, it’s 115 days before Christmas! Yippeeeee!

It’s funny how time flies so fast and it gives me a nostalgic feeling all at the same time. I get so worked up about how a lot of things have changed in the last 11 months since I came back to Philippines, it makes me sad and proud. Sad, because I’ve lost a lot of things and people and when I say people, I mean the people around me whom I am used to see every day,  like my godmother who passed away because of brain paralysis, my uncle and my friend’s grandmother who passed away because of heart attack and my friend’s brother who died because of a motor accident;those people who weren’t really closed to you but it just feels good to have them around and you’ll know that things will never be the same without them, I don’t know but this really makes me terribly sad. But somehow proud for all the things that I have overcome and to the person I have become now.

So yeah, just like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been contemplating my life lately: What did I do in the last 8 months? Did I spend it productively? I couldn’t help but to be disappointed at myself because until now I still don’t have enough savings which is maybe not surprising anymore cause I spend most of it to spoil myself  for foods, clothes, make-ups, travels, etc. And there’s really nothing new about my life currently. I still don’t have social life though I have met few interesting people along the way but that all is it. It’s not because I’m afraid to date and fall again, it’s just that this time I am becoming wiser when it comes to accepting new people in my life and to be honest I am enjoying my own company. Srsly. But sometimes, I can’t help myself to envy those people whom I took for granted in the past, they’re happily married and have kids now. Oftentimes, it makes me frustrated so I will just sit on the corner and feel entirely miserable then I will just look at the positive side and tell myself that maybe it isn’t just the right time to settle down and it’s never too late, by the way, I am just 22 years old so there’s nothing really to be panicked about! Right now, I am savoring all the time that I could spend with my loved ones because who knows, where will I be at next year! For sure I’m gonna miss them!  So that basically is my life lately. I hope you guys spent and will spend the entire year vigorously! 🙂


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