Lessons Learned In Life

So I have been contemplating what I have been doing in my life lately. My mind is full of wanders and my wandering leads me on self-reflecting. Looking back in the past, I couldn’t help but to smile from the stupid or shitty things that I’ve done; from the awful things that I’ve been through to the people behind my sleepless nights; all their memories came like a flash of lightning. Certainly,there will come a point in your life  when you laugh at your old self for all the horrible and stupid things you’ve done. It’s a good thing, you know, to be lost at your own thoughts some times, re-evaluating the past actions you’ve done and the things that you have learned along the way; In my 22 years of existence I’ve learned that;

  • In life there are some people who will drag you down, and break you into pieces; people who will criticize you for being transparent— and that happens because you cannot please everybody; and that’s the taste of reality; and that is totally okay. I’ve learned to shake off all their negativities. I’ve learned how to handle criticisms by motivating myself to be a better person. and I must say that I am truly getting matured when it comes to handling this situation.
  • that having no reaction is the best reactions of all! Not because someone barks at you that doesn’t mean you have to bark back. Stop adding fuel to the fire! Who cares anyway? These haters are just jealous people who want to rain on your parade and try to ruin your shine because theirs are dim. Haters gonna hate!
  • People come and go. That’s sad. People bid good bye to us because they needed to. Keep on asking why like that but later on we understand. We need a little space in order for us to grow. To have yourself a break and for the meantime to be alone. People leave because may be they’re not really suppose to be a part of your life maybe they are just passers by, certainly to teach you a lesson that not all you love are meant to stay in your life forever.As time passes by, you’ll get better because you’d finally realize that the world will keep on turning and so are you.
  • I’ve learned how to forgive myself for my past mistakes and forgive the people who have done wrong to me. As they said, be good to people even to those who are assholes, let the asshole be an asshole, you’ll sleep better. Well, indeed it works!
  • When life knocks me down, it only means that life is challenging or perhaps polishing me to be a better person. Maybe life wants us to be its warriors not worriers.
  • Life is not something we watch on movies. As I child, I used to dream of having my own prince charming and beautiful children. But reality sucks, I am not a princess waiting for my prince charming to come and sweep off my feet.  We are our own directors and it is up to us what  the ending would be. If we want a happy ending we must work hard for it.
  • Love isn’t something you force. Love should come naturally. I am the type of person who loves so hard and I always give my best to make the relationship works but on the other hand, I am only a human who gets tired—partings are always sad but that’s part of growing up.
  • There’s nothing impossible in life as long as you go for it. Set a goal in your life and pursue it. If you fail,don’t be scared to always try again and again. As they say, if plan A didn’t work just remember the alphabet has 25 more letters! It’s too early to give up.
  • Give but don’t allow yourself to be used.
  • Being alone doesn’t mean lonely. Sometimes you need time for yourself and enjoy the solidarity of your own companionship.You are the best person that you’ve got after all.

To sum it all up, life will hit you hard in the face and will hurt you so badly. You will experience defeats and failures—that’s part of the process and yeah welcome to adulthood. Life is full of uncertainty however, it is something that you must enjoy to the fullest. Life might full of ups and downs but it is a wonderful gift from God. You are alive for a reason. Live wisely. Be an inspiration/motivator. Be a blessing to someone. The world is a huge classroom, I must say. You may already out of school but the lessons never end. Learn from your mistakes. Be a better person. Joie de vivre. Live the way you want and love the way you live.


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