There are three sides of every story; THEIR SIDE, YOUR SIDE, AND THE TRUTH.

Apparently, upon hearing your story;my fingertips have been itching to answer all your hypocrisy. The way you delivered your speech was so impressive, well-said, and well written. Where did it come from? from your wild imagination saumensch? 

You talked about him as if he is a saint and your love for each other is so pure that nothing and no one can ever tear you apart. funny! You are hallucinating things! I don’t know how I’m going to tell you these without sounding so bitter, but tell you what: I’ve always been better.  Do you remember the time you lambasted and humiliated me in public? You could have talked to me and handled the situation like an adult. Shame on you old lady. You want to hear some kick of reality? Let’s get started

As much as I wanted to believe your platonic friendship;”She’s just an old friend, she’s just a nobody. You don’t have anything to be sad about.” he would say; it’s how much I want to meet you. Did you know that I slapped him one week before I left, when I read your stupid and clingy messages? Why are you so demanding anyhow?  You see, I would never tolerate any bullshits.

I hope you were there, when he stared at my eyes with so much love; I hope you saw how proud he was while we walked down the street, “we are so beautiful together.” he would say; I hope you saw how grateful he was cause he has me in his life “I’ve been living like dead for 10 years in my life until you came. My life has now a meaning.” I hope you were there when he was telling me a story of his past love and the way he built his dreams and future with me; I hope you saw the determination and sincerity in his eyes when he said that he wanted to marry me; I hope you were there when he kissed me on the forehead and assured me that you are nothing but an old friend he owes a lot,“I know that to her I am more than a friend but I don’t care cause I only care what she is to me. To me, she is just an old friend whom I owe a lot.” he’d say. You might have something special for years but the months that we’ve spent together surpassed all those years;

You might be exhilarated in happiness because you’ve succeeded to delete me in his life. But do you really think so? Let me tell you this, I left because we had a plan, did he tell you that? I left for a reason. And did you know that he’s planning to avoid you? He said, slowly slowly clingy old friend. When I come back, he will do anything just for us to be happy and that includes avoiding you. But that was then, you see, you don’t really have to worry anything because I’ve decided to cut him off in my life. I simply know what I deserve. He’s only staying because you are good to his ego. He needs companion and you’re always available. You should know that. You should HAVE known that!

I’ve made a research about you. Obviously, you are ashamed of where you came from. In my own analysis, I have noticed that you have a multiple personality disorder;

mul·ti·ple per·son·al·i·ty



noun: multiple-personality disorder- a rare dissociative disorder in which two or more personalities with distinct memories and behavior patterns apparently exist in one individual.

for what is this having 5 and more facebook accounts plus the dummy accounts? You are too insecure, why use photos of your youngest sister? Why use too much photo app? Good news, you can pretend as much as you want and convince people to the image that you have created. Bad news, you would never ever be that you pretend to be in reality.  I’m not impressed. Social media isn’t as safe and as private as you think. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You’re fantasizing things that out of your reach. How can you sleep at night disregarding your own daughter and act like an in love teenager? Shame on you.  No matter how much you try to act prim and proper, you wouldn’t be one. Shame on you. How pathetic are you for depending your happiness on someone else. You must be scared of the thought of being left behind by the person whom you love so dearly. You have my pity and sympathy. One day, all the things that you’ve done will catch up to you and worst to your daughter. Piece of advice, it may sound cliche but the truth will set you free. You want him? Yours fully. If you’re lucky, he might take you seriously if not, he might dump you like a garbage. Let me plant this in your narrow mind silly saumensch!:

“You know how do I love you and you know how do I miss you and you know how do I wish to be together and close my arms on you…”

“I still love you whatever happened before. And I will always love you and all my life I will wait the time when you will come back to my chest and arms and will love together happy and amazing couple. I love you and will always love you and wait for us to be together again. Come here to my heart because it is only yours and will stay for ever yours. You are forever im amen inch. Du im ser ev es kez shat shat sirum em.”

 I forgive you but I will never forget……

Some days, you would think that you finally own him; his attention, his affection;but everywhere you go is haunted by me. That couch that you are sitting, we used to sit and cuddle there while we were watching a movie; that cup that you are using, he used to pour some tea or coffee in there for me;from the cup to the plates and utensils— they have my claw marks;the sala, the bathroom, bedroom, and furniture— have my fingerprints;from the places that you go (restaurants,malls,cinema,roads)— you would see my ghost. He would always remember me through those little things. My name would always taste like blood in your mouth. When you kiss him, you would taste my sweetness in his lips. When he touches you, you would wonder how he worshiped my body. When he stares at you, he would see a different person wishing you were me. You would wake up in the middle of the night crying and you would feel like there’s a dagger on your chest cause after a tiring earthquake with him, you’d know that no matter what you do, no matter how you twist and turn your body, you would satisfy his manhood but you would never ever own his heart.  There are some days you would feel unworthy and you’re gonna pick up a fight with him and surely, he would comfort you (with lies) until you stop whining but you would know deep down on his heart he has never forgotten. I might become a story but I left a mark that you would never erase. Our souls have made love in a way that you cannot imagine. 

You go and continue your fantasies. May the odds be ever in your favor saumensch.


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