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The Sunday Currently


It’s Sunday again which only means  we have to say goodbye to the weekend and we have to face another week again (adulting mode on) *sigh* I never want to end this day. Aside from that, I do not want to meet my student who’s apparently smarter than me (urghh, so that means I have to study again and feed my brain with economical issues. What the fudge? I am more philosophical. He makes me question my capability to educate people.)  

To make a short recap of my week. The past week was really tiresome. I felt like I was so hungry of sleep. I don’t know why. I usually took a nap whenever I got the chance. I was such a sleepy head. I am thinking to give up my morning classes. I just want to have enough sleep. Moreover, I met new young students, 11 yrs. old little girl who had studied in Malaysia for a year when she was just like 10 yrs. old, I guess? and what’s impressive was she stayed there alone by a home stay. Upon hearing her story, I was really surprised because of her courage and I was like *jaw dropped* when I was at her age and I arrived home and didn’t see my mom, I felt a sudden panic heart attacked and until now when I’m in the supermarket and I lose my mom in the public, I still get a mini heart attack. huhuhu. Such a brave and smart little girl. Then there’s this 13 yrs. old, 6th grade, who is very nice and smart.To sum it up, though my week was just fine, it’s still exhausting. I feel so drained.

Last night was a blast, I had so much fun watching Suicide Squad with the sister of Jhonrey. Margot Robbie who’s playing the role of Harley Quinn is beyond amazing. She’s so hot and funny! And Jared Leto who’s playing the role of Joker is so awesome;and is the love interest of Harley. Weird couple but they’re actually my relationship goal. Teheee! Overall the movie is so stoke! If you haven’t watched it, you should rush to the cinema right now. It makes me believe that the world has still its chance to be a better place; that there’s still good in every evil. *wink* we rushed out the cinema and we saw that there’s a booth for Suicide Squad id badge and we were so exhilarated to get one. And here it is.Taddaahhhhh!



After getting our id badge I went directly to the hospital and decided to stay there and look after my cousin who had unfortunately got curettage because of her abnormal period, she’s been bleeding for 2 months already and her ob suggested to do the curettage otherwise, it’d be dangerous for her health  and that she can collapse at any moment. But thanks god, she’s okay now. Ahamdullilah.

As another new week is about to start, I would just like to share my first Sunday currently. 😉


Reading: My previous entries and it’s kinda fun because I could see my viewers and didn’t know that there are some people who take time to read what’s on my mind. Oppssss, I see you. It’s okay don’t be shy. :p

Writing: this entry.

Listening: to Spotify: Mood: Psyche. Got so bored here in the hospital. NP: Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.

Smelling: hospital smell. I really hate it.

Thinking: About our last conversation last night, it’s just so irritating why someone has no conscience to say a lot of awful lies. Shut your mouth. You just made me more disappointed on you.

Wishing: for another weekend. but it’s just so impossible. *sigh*

Hoping: that he won’t change for the better. I don’t know why I’m still responding to his messages and entertaining his “kalokohan” lol

Wearing: Leggings and a white shirt and my slippers. I was supposed to wear shorts last night but my nanay said I should wear leggings because it’s hospital. That doesn’t make any sense to me but I still followed her and she’s right, it’s cold.

Loving: this time because I could somehow update my so boring blog.

Needing: sleep. Slept at 2am today because I allowed him to enter in my mind again. I shouldn’t have done that. I should NOT have done that!

Feeling: better than the previous days.

I know. I know. I still do not know how to blog effectively but who cares? I don’t write to impress anybody. I write for myself and I am enjoying it.

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday! May yah’ll get a willpower to face the day tomorrow! urghh Have a great week ahead! Til’ next time. 😉


me every single effin time…..





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