When anxiety creeps in, there’s no way to get out of it.Here it is again, the anxiety that overwhelms me for a long time. There’s no way to escape it, nowhere to hide. My head is throbbing, my stomach is churning, my heart is aching. I wish I could delete certain people and memories in my life. I’ve been fighting with the demons inside of me. At night, they will come and by the morning, they’re gone. I always tell myself that there’s no room for negative feelings. Not now. Not ever. I’ve been trying to finish this composition but my mind doesn’t want to cooperate, my thoughts are getting chaotic. Do you know that feeling? When you want to write something but your mind seemed to be blank. This doesn’t make any sense.


  1. Basel, I hate myself for not hating you. I hate that I still miss you and most of all I hate that I still love you. (But no, I don’t want you back maybe yes.)
  2. Sleep- Please, I need at least 1 week rest. I need sleep
  3. Travel- been craving for you ever since. A sort of soul-searching.
  4. Healthy living- need to keep myself healthy.
  5. Hair make-over- How to? I’m suffering from hair fall lately. Stress perhaps?
  6. Why the earth is round? Srsly
  7. Why am I living?
  8. What to write?
  9. How to improve my writing?
  10. Poetry
  11. How to insert gif in my blog? Srsly how?!
  12. Be productive
  13. Rainy days with good books and hot chocolate
  14. Be a potato
  15. I need to sleep.
  16. I should sleep.
  17. I will sleep.
  18. Nothing. I’ll go to bed.

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