10 Cringeworthy People on Facebook

Social medias have become trendy nowadays. It’s our way of communicating and getting in touch with our loved ones and for some it’s their way of staying updated with the latest world issues or local news. But have you ever cringed your head while scrolling down your facebook feed? Here’s my top 10 cringeworthy people on facebook. See if you become a nuisance. (sorry not sorry)

  1.  Narcissist-Those people who constantly post selfies every 30 minutes and so– Wtf? girl, we know you’re pretty but it’s just so annoying to see your pabebe face (with the same poses) every time we refresh our feed. It’s okay to post your selfies but change the habit of posting them every 30 minutes. So tell me, why do you do so?  You may be fishing for compliments or you’re trying to show off something. But srsly tho, your existence isn’t based on how desirable people find you.
  2. Pa-famous people- It’s so easy to spot them. These are people who have thousands followers and you’ll see them posting “300 likes, ipopost ko yung name ni crush.” or to their discontent, will send you a message saying “Pa-like naman po ng dp ko/status ko, thanks.” urur, masyado kang pasikat, dun ka sa araw. Duh *rolled eyes*
  3. Know-it-all-people– Wow, ate,  you are so smart. Where did you copy that quotes? You are what? A writer? Can’t tell. Do you even know how to use the article a and an? Ohhh, I doubt it.And those people who rant and have a lot ot opinions without any logical basis. Thanks very much for that opinion of yours but you should try to be informed rather than opinionated.
  4. The pabebe couple– Those people who constantly post their selfies with a long confession of their love at each other. Ohhh please! Give us a break! No, you don’t make us jealous. No, you don’t look cute at all!! You look like a bunch of schoolers ! A sign of a healthy relationship is not seeing any of these long messages and selfies of you together online every minute of the day. We understand that it’s your way of showing off to the world your deepest love with each other. But tell you what, there’s more to it! Log out to the sns world and enjoy and savor every moment you spend with your s.o that’s how relationship works.
  5. People who make parinig on facebook– Easy girl, easy. Why don’t you send them a private message rather than degrading yourself ranting about someone’s attitude or whatever. You basically do not degrade that person, you absolutely degrade yourself and we don’t want that right? If you have a problem with that person , go and talk to her in person or send her a message instead.  Making parinig on facebook is a sign of weakness and cowardness. It only means that you don’t have the courage to confront that person and you seek sympathy and help to your friends. But in the end, you’ll end up a laughing stuff in front of your many friends. Should we get pop corn na ba? Grow up ate girl, pwede ba?! 
  6. People who rant about their s.o and post a pic of them together as if nothing happens- Ate girl, seriously? You just posted that your boyfriend is cheating on you and you definitely embarrassed not just your boyfriend but also yourself in front of your thousand followers on facebook and then the other day you’ll post a sweet picture with him to think that he cheated on you? Kind of stupid. If you have a problem with your s.o, the first thing that you need to do is to talk to him privately. If it’s still worthy, then go try to fix it rather than ranting on facebook humiliating yourself. Duh!
  7. People who change their surnames with their current s.o’s surnames- Awww that’s kind of a sweet thing. So when did you get married? But wait, isn’t it your 5th time changing your surname? Ate girl, in love ka na naman? Pang-ilang forever mo na ba yan? Guard your heart!
  8. Broken-hearted people- We feel you and we sympathized for your loss but you already become a nuisance posting “fix-me-im-broken-posts”. Stay away from social media and stop following your ex, for goodness sake! There are more to life than crying over an asshole. Have more time for yourself! Go travel with your besties. You’re beautiful and worthy and your ex is a completely  shit. You’re better off without him.
  9. Stage parents- Awww, your baby is too adorable. Yes, she is! But please stop posting hundred pictures of her everyday. We understand that you’re just (maybe) documenting her milestones but seriously? hundred pictures a day? I think it’s too much and why are you always on social media like all the time? Don’t you think spending time with your kids is more valuable than spending your time on facebook?
  10. Youngsters who post about love– Ohhh kids, did you finish your homework already? Perhaps did you finish doing the household chores?  Your parents didn’t raise you to be engaged in a relationship at a very young age. We’ve been there and done that. Don’t rush things, take everything slowly, you have all the time to ever think about love or marriage. Put your nose on the books, plan your future, set goals and pursue it.

I know it’s none of my business and I should have focused on my own thing. But you seriously have some fixing to do with yourselves. And don’t worry, I am not even guilty unfollowing or unfriending several of you. Social medias might have eating your brains without you noticing it. The goal is to enjoy life to the fullest not staying on social media all the time. Log-out and experience the real world. There’s more to life than staying online. The likes or love button that you get online don’t define you. Log-in to the serious conversations that you missed with your loved ones. Be productive! Be a human again!13680570_3970014423107865_4729479555317629794_n


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