Introvert Life

Life Lately Pt.1

It’s been a hella tiring week like any other week for me! Alas! The two of my most anticipated days have come; Saturday and Sunday! Yahoooooo. ūüôā I’m just so excited to catch up with all the sleeps I lost on¬†the previous five days. I basically have only 4 hours of sleep during the weekdays because my job is too demanding¬†(urghhhh, wala na bes todo na ang 4 hours every weekdays). In my previous blog post “Who Am I?”, you might probably get¬†an idea what kind of job I have. Yes, I am an online ESL teacher. I am teaching Koreans. I’ve had this job for almost 8 months already ever since I came back in the Philippines from Doha (i miss Doha somehow).¬†I’ll¬†write my Doha experience if the time permits; ¬†I’ve been so busy lately that going to the bathroom,¬†hold classes and students’ absences¬†are¬†the¬†only free time I have;¬† (if you’re an online ESL teacher with loaded schedule,you’d understand eh?) Your saliva and patience¬†are two of your capitals on this job; saliva- for talking non stop, (just to make sure you have enough supply of saliva, a glass of water will do while wishing your saliva will be of no waste, if you know what I mean)having a lot of patience is much needed, students have different levels in understanding the language, if you do not have a long patience, you might end up nagging¬†at the slow learners¬†because chances are you have¬†to repeat the same things all over again (easy man! You’re a teacher and patience is¬†essential, yeah?)¬†It’s never easy you know. It may sound an easy peasy job but heck no, and anyway there’s no easy job, right? Perhaps, your passion in teaching will get you through a tiring day. ūüôā It’s never easy but it’s gonna be¬†worth it I dare say, most especially when you see your students are improving mainly because of¬†your help, (job well done!)All ¬†your hard work will¬†pay¬†off !the money is just a ¬†bonus! ūüėČ (okay so let’s stop talking about jobs, shall we?) – but my life recently is revolving with my job. Being a sleepy girl with a busy life is hard. I think it’s just a matter of time to get used to it (but urghhh, I can’t even….)

How do you do?

Social Life:¬†Well, technically speaking, I don’t¬†really have this. But ohh, just last week my cousins and I went to Baguio (exactly one week today)I’d love to go there again huhuhuhu, how time flies so fast. If I would have given a chance to choose where to live anywhere in the Philippines, I will choose Baguio! I love Baguio so much! One of my comfort zone! (minus the ghosts).¬†I usually spend the¬†weekends at home and I sometimes go out with my sister or friends. There’s nothing really special about it…

Love life:¬†I am loving myself even more. Self-love is love. Love yourself first and know that you are not a half waiting to be whole. ūüôā

Work:¬†Busy. My work’s motto is: Sleep is for the weak. o_0 (but at least, I’m doing something productive in my life.) *wink*


I’ve been reading Sunday Currently posts from other bloggers and I’ve thought of doing the same contents so I decided to join the bandwagon (so yeah, credits to the original owner.) However, I’ve decided to¬†entitled¬†it “Currently”, because it’s not even Sunday (yet). Let’s try it!

Reading: “Express Yourself 1” I’m currently ¬†at work and I’m prepping for the next topical issues. Urghhhh. I want to pull the time. Come fast Saturday!

Writing: this post. I’m kinda excited¬†to be back on writing again. I should have done this before but I’m too lazy and I don’t even know how to use or do this blog thingy (well, until now honestly, I’m still groping ¬†on how to blog effectively)

Listening: to the ring call of my skype. I’m calling ¬†my student but he’s not yet answering. I think he’ll be absent. He’s been suffering¬†from stiff neck for three days already and it makes him uncomfortable. I think he won’t make it today. :p (Ooops my bad! sorry for that emoticon, I’m not happy with his situation though.¬†I’m just excited to finish this post.)

Thinking: about the holiday. I’m looking forward to it. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Yeeehaaa! That’d be on September 14-16 plus the weekend so we have 5 days holiday! I’m thinking where to go? Any suggestion? ūüôā

Smelling: the perfume I sprayed to myself; VIP Carolina Herrera

Wishing: to have more time for myself. More sleep and rest please!

Hoping: to not have rashes cause of my post-menstrual period. It’s the time of the month again for me. Urghhh, I usually get rashes after because I feel dry. Idk, so….

Wearing: a blue knitted top that¬†I bought from¬†a boutique I’ve been following online hehehe and a maong skirt. For footwear, I’m wearing my brown sandals. (so comfy!)

Loving: this day because it only means I am one day closer to my baby Saturday! Yahoooooo!

Wanting: to go on a vacation but the questions are where and with whom? Hahaha, this is the problem when all your friends are in a relationship and you’re¬†the only one who’s single. (I’m kind of enjoying it tho) :p I am a proud member of camp SAWI (Single ¬†At Walang Iniintindi) lol

Needing: sleep seriously, I need sleep more than anything else.

Feeling: extra hyper¬†because it’s Friday. I even exert an extra¬†effort to put a full make-up on my face to lighten up¬†my mood…. ūüôā

Have a happy weekend everyone! I’m just so random.. ^_^


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